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Tour of My Studio

I am so happy and excited to give you a tour of my boudoir photography studio. I'm located in Eau Claire, WI, and have a studio right in my home!

This is where the magic happens! Where women get to feel empowered, and play dress up for the day.

Hair and makeup are done by my two amazing makeup artists, Samantha Becker and Katrina Gigi. They both are incredible and talented, but also kind and encouraging. From false eyelashes, to gorgeous curls, they've got you covered! Not only that, but they have palates and skills to compliment all skin tones, face shapes, hair textures and more!

I created my studio with lots of colors and textures that photograph really well, and compliment everyone. Between the outfits, poses, and different setups in my studio, there are so many options for photos. It's amazing what a variety you can get just from a single session!

I also change up my studio periodically, to keep it fun and interesting. Setups such as After Dark (on the lines of BDSM), and Neon Shoots are just a few examples of things I may change setups in the studio, for a different aesthetic or add-on.

If you're loving what you see, be sure to set up a time to come get your own session done! I hope to see you soon!



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