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This is the scary part! Deciding you finally want to take the jump and book a boudoir session for yourself. Maybe you feel the mom guilt of spending money on yourself. Maybe you're not used to taking time away from your family for something for just you. Maybe you feel like you want to lose an extra 10 lbs. Whatever is holding you back, STOP those negative thoughts in your head and recognize how much you not only deserve this for yourself, but how you deserve to show your family and others how important self-care is.

If you click the link below, you can access my schedule, pick a time, pay your booking fee. A few days later you will get a contract to sign, and then more emails to come, but this time with fun stuff. Planners for your shoot, reminders and more!


So come on girl, let's do this!

J (17).jpg


This is seriously so much fun! Trust me! It really is! All you have to do is show up, and I take care of the rest. You can see more info about booking HERE.


You can bring whatever you want to your session. T-shirts, props, anything special you love. I also have an amazing client closet, with sizes S-5XL, filled with lingerie, jewelry, shoes, angel wings, and more! Basically, you get to play dress up, and I promise, it is SO MUCH FUN!


I take care of posing, and we will laugh a lot! Literally head to toe, you never have to worry about posing yourself. Your session lasts 30-60 minutes, and it flies by! 


This is by far the best part!!! About an hour after your session, we get to go through your images together! You can have a friend or significant other there as well. Whoever you want! This is your time to look through your images and see how absolutely incredible they turned out. I guarantee that your mind will be blown. Most women don't even have a clue of how absolutely stunning they truly are. It melts my heart and theirs at the same time to see them reminded of their true beauty.

During this reveal, we get to pick out which images you love the most. I also have samples of all my products on hand. So you can look and feel the albums, prints, novelties and more! If you choose an album, we get to pick out fabrics, colors, print options. It's like the ultimate treat to yourself.

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About 2 weeks after your reveal (or after your final payment if you do an in-house payment plan), your products will be available for pickup.

This is so amazing to see yourself in print. You will feel like a movie star all over again. Prints such as albums, canvases, folios, etc. are amazing keepsakes for you for years to come. It is so incredible to see a whole book of you!!! 

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